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Hadong was dubbed as 'Dasachon' (county of much sand) during Jinguk period, and was a part of 'Nangnoguk', one of 12 Byeonhan countries. According to 'History of the Three Kingdoms', it was 'Handasa-guen' and revised to 'Hadong-guen' in 757 during the reign of King Gyeongdeok. In Goryeo period, it was 'Hadong-hyeon' and in 1414, the 14th year of Taejong, it became 'Hanamhyeon' with 'Namhaehyeon'
하동군의 시대별 연혁
Samhan Period It used to be a part of 'Nangnoguk', one of 12 Byeonhan countries.
Period of the Three Kingdoms It was dubbed as Dasasung or Dasa-guen.
The Unified Silla Period It was dubbed as Handasa-guen during the 5th years reign (year 585)of King Sinmun and was renamed to Hadong-guen during the 16 years reign (year 757) of King Gyeongdeog Hadong.
Goreyo Period It was called Hadong-hyon, a part of Jinjumok.
Joseon Period Promoted its status to regional military command of Hadong during the 30th years (1704) reign of Sukjong and had magistrate, and become Hadong-guen, Jinjubu in 1895.
하동군의 현대사 연혁
1895.6.25 Called Hadong-gun, Jinju-bu by the 23rd of 98th of Royal edict
1906.1.19 Incorporated Okjong-myeon, Cheongam-myeon and Jinju-guen
1915.1.1 Incorporated some part of Seomjin-ri, Gwangyang-guen, Jeonnam by ordinance No.175 of government ministry.
1933.1.1 Incorporated some part of Geumyang-myeon and Nam-myeon, and retitled into Geumnam-myeon.
1938.10.1 Promoted from Hadong-myeon to Hadong-eup of 1 Eup and 11 Myeon by ordinance No.197 of government ministry.
1955.7.1 Incorporated Won-gye-ri, Okjong-myeon into Jinyang-gun by law No.360.
1966.5.12 Established Sinheung branch office in Hwagae-myeon by county regulation No.100 1 eup, 11 Myeon and 1 branch office.
1969.10.2 Established the Witae branch office in Cheongam-myeon; 2 branch offices for 11 myeon in 1 eup by ordinance No.156 of government ministry.
1983.2.15 Transferred Jungtae-ri of Okjong-myeon into Sicheon-myeon by Presidential decree No. 11027.
1986.1.13 Established the Galsa branch office in Geumnam-myeon; 3 branch offices for 11 myeon in eup by ordinance No.957 of government ministry.
1989.1.1 Transferred Sulsang-ri, Geumnam-myeon into Jingyo-myeon by ordinance No.1053 of government ministry.
1989.4.1 The Galsa branch office in Geumnam-myeon was promoted to Geumseong-myeon; 2 branch offices for 12 myeon, 1 eup by ordinance No.1076 of government ministry.
1996.3.12 Closed Sinheung branch office in Hwagae-myeon by ordinance No.1418 of government ministry, thus it has 1 branch office, 12 myeon, 1 eup.
1998.9.4 The Witae branch office in Cheongam-myeon was closed by ordinance No.1494 of government ministry, thus it has 1 eup, 12 myeon.
2002.12.18 Witae-ri,Gunhang-ri and Hwasin-ri in Cheongam-myeon were incorporated to Okjong-myeon by ordinance No. 1632 of government ministry.