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  • The blue sky and expression of the bird illustrates pure air and clear sky of Hadong. Dove, the county bird flying high up in the sky symbolizes peace and the citizens taking off a leap.
  • The green oval represents a green area as a semi-city and the line that stands straight in the center illustrates volatile of the citizens toward the hopeful future and Seomjingang River.
  • The shape of three peaks between the green area and the blue sky represents geological traits of Mt. Jirisan tourism by and unyielding spirit of the citizens and vitality.
  • The sky and earth of the whole drawing express truth of the great nature in accordance with an interaction of two powers, positive and negative (eum and yang in Korean)which stand for creation and development.

Character - Dasadol

  • designated date: 2000. 6. 10
  • Put an important emphasis on connotations when calling the character! Hadong-guen was used to be dubbed as Handasa-guen during the Three Kingdoms (Silla). Hence 'dasa' from Handasa-guen and the cute connotation 'dori' have come up together to be named as Dasadol.
  • To be loved by people for its cute image, its kind face and friendly expressions have been emphasized by implanting a tea leaf of Hwagae-dong on to a Cheonghak child! In order to express internationalization of Hadong's culture and history, the child is wearing a hat design with a green tea leaf and the name Hadong is inscribed on the character to form unity of the residents of Hadong-guen.

Flower - Royal azalea

  • designated date: '82. 6. 14 /Distributed Area: Grow naturally through out Korea
  • Special traits and appointed reasons
    • Splendid color, full of ardor, strong reproduction and it can grow naturally in anywhere
    • Prosperity, Patient, Abundance

Tree - Ginko Tree

  • designated date: '82. 6. 14
  • Distributed Area: Grow naturally through out Korea
  • Special traits and appointed reasons
    • It has a long-life span, has distinctive four weathers and is the best wood to make kiosks and road side trees,
    • Abundance, Glory, Gentle, Strength, Cooperation

Bird - Dove

  • designated date: '82. 6. 14
  • Distributed Area: Korea, Japan, Pacific Ocean
  • Special traits and appointed reasons
    • Dove is commonly regarded as a symbol of peace and is usually breed as a pet as well as for communication purpose.
    • Peace, Love, Responsibility

Charter of the county

  • The foot of a beautiful mountain is opened by filling of majestic Mt. Jirisan's spirit. Hadong has succeeded a blissful life through blue water flowing around Seomjingang River is a peaceful hometown that boasts a long history of tradition, culture and soul of the nation.
  • In looking forward to a truly prosper tomorrow, this charter shall be an indicator to develop this land as a better place with our dignity.
  • Charter of Hadong Citizens
    • I will work diligently to make my county rich.
    • I will respect the elders and love all children.
    • I will create a loving environment where people trust and help each other.
    • I will love the nature and culture of the county.
    • Promulgation Date : 1986. 11. 1

United Brand

  • It consists of a symbol and a representative slogan, Hadong of the Apls in Korea.
  • It symbolizes three peaks of Hyeongje (1,115m), Samsin (1,284m), and Tokki (1,534m) in Mt. Jiri, Hadong’s guardian mountain. The peaks are equivalent to the so-called “Three Sisters—Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau—in the Alps, Switzerland. It also illustrates the profluent Seomjin River which has enriched Hadong for many thousand years with Korean-style wash drawing sense. Furthermore, with the combination of a calligraphic logo, it gives a feeling of trust and friendliness.
  • It has tried to expand its scope of application so that it looks like a river in the foot of a mountain or towering peaks above clouds. A seal-shape in the logo envisions Hadong County’s future-oriented drive having the sun in its heart.
  • As Jungfrau Railway has become something beyond the imagination, “Hadong, the Apls in Korea” signifies an endless “challenge,” which is a will to realize imagination.